Hedgehog runs over 600 miles in 2020!

Happy New Year from Lemmy the Hedgehog!

Happy new year, friends! Here’s the latest on Lemmy’s virtual trek, which began Sept. 7, 2020 when I installed his wheel counter and began tracking his nightly running.

Lemmy the Hedgehog’s Running Stats for year-end 2020

December 2020 total distance173.2 miles (277.1 km)
December max7.94 miles/12.78 km
December min3.11 miles/ 5 km
December average5.6 miles/ 9 km
Cumulative distance since Sept. 7, 2020647.2 miles (1085 km)

Where’s Lemmy?

Google Earth view of Lemmy's progress in 2020.
Where’s Lemmy? Download a Google Earth file to see just how far he’s run in 2020.

Lemmy has gone 674 miles… that puts him almost to Canada to the north, and in northern Mexico to the south!

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