How far does your hedgehog run?

The HedgieRun™ Digital Wheel Odometer

Want to track your hedgehog’s (or other fur friend’s) nightly running activity? The HedgieRun™ digital pet wheel odometer allows you to determine just how far your critter runs each day.

The HedgieRun™ electronic pet wheel odometer includes a digital sensor compatible with most solid “bucket-style” wheels, including the Carolina Storm Bucket (which is what Lemmy has). The 5-digit LCD module displays the number of times the wheel turns each day. Once you start tracking your hedgie’s runs, all you need to do is use the Running Distance Calculator to convert to distance traveled.

Two Mounting Options for Different Wheel Styles

I’ve designed the HedgieRun™ wheel odometer to be easy to install, and it comes in one of two mounting options. The flat mounting bar is compatible with any wheel that has a non-moving flat surface on its stand (eg. Kaytee Silent Spinner™ or Comfort Wheel™), and is easily mounted with (included) Velcro tabs. The offset mounting bar option is pre-configured to be mounted on Carolina Storm Bucket (or similar) wheels that have a center bolt and wing-nut design. Both mounting options include everything you need to install the HedgieRun™ digital counter on your wheel. If you aren’t sure which version to choose, I recommend the flat mounting bar.

The HedgieRun™ pet odometer not only includes the necessary hardware to install it on most wheels, but also a distance calculator log file (Excel and Mac Numbers) that you can use to track your pet’s distance each day and calculate monthly total distance traveled. You can join Lemmy on his virtual trek, challenge your fur friends to a race, or just marvel at how far your special pet runs each night.

Ships worldwide via USPS. Please allow 3-5 days for shipping in the USA and 7-21 days world-wide. Please note: your billing invoice will show as Jason P. Odell Photography (Lemmy’s dad).

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