Hedgehog Running Club Results for July 1, 2021

Frens, we had a great turnout for Running Club this week. While 53 of us combined for 164 total miles, we’re awarding our sweet fren, Daisy, with 11 virtual miles for crossing over the Rainbow Bridge last weekend. Daisy, you’ll always be in our hearts and we will miss having you in Running Club each week.

Running Club Statistics for July 1

  • 53 hedgehogs
  • 164 combined miles (263 km)
  • Average run: 3.1 miles (4.99 km)
  • Longest “run:” Daisy 11 virtual miles while crossing the Rainbow Bridge

2 thoughts on “The Longest Run of All

  1. Rest In Peace Daisy & Elly! You will be missed by all! And Gus will miss running with you each week, and seeing if you will out run him or not! He will be in competition with your sissy Calliope now! Love Always, Gus Bus & Momma T

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