In loving memory of our dear friend, Edgar Allan Poke

Rest well, Edgie. We loved having you in Running Club!

Frens, early this morning I awoke to the sad news that one of our runners, Edgar Allan Poke (@edgie_the_hedgie) crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last night during Running Club. All of us are heartbroken and so we are dedicating last night’s run in his memory. Please send condolences to Edgie’s mom over on Instagram.

Running Stats for May 20th

  • 40 hedgies
  • Aggregate distance: 133.4 miles/ 214.7 lm
  • Average distance: 3.3 miles / 5.4 km
  • Top runner: Ollie (@the_grumpyhedgehog) 9.55 miles!

Congratulations to all our runners this week!

2 thoughts on “Running Club Results for May 20th

    1. Hi Holly-
      I see your entry, but I’d already compiled the results. The submission cutoff is 2pm Eastern time on Fridays. I’ll make sure Mr. Prickly Pants gets represented this week!

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