Last week, we had 44 hedghogs log miles in Hedgehog Running Club! Congratulations for all our runners, and welcome to our new participants!

Running Club Stats for May 13, 2021

  • 44 hogs
  • 142.8 miles / 229.9 km
  • Average run: 3.25 miles / 5.23 km
  • Longest run: 11.11 miles (Ollie @the_grumpyhedgehog)

2 thoughts on “Running Club Results for May 13, 2021

  1. How do we submit the running results each week? My little guy is starting to use his wheel more. I have the picture I took of his odometer reading Thursday night. (He didn’t run last night 😞 but he’s getting on it more often) so I’d like to start sharing his progress

    1. Hi Jennifer-
      If you’re signed up for the email newsletter, I send out the instructions every Thursday afternoon. We’re using a shared spreadsheet to make data collection easier.

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