Hedgehog Continues His Virtual Journey Across North America

I’m excited to announce that our favorite hedgehog runner, Lemmy, reached a new milestone this week! On June 8th, Lemmy passed the 1500 mile mark on his journey that started in September 2020. So where is Lemmy now? You can download a Google Earth file (kmz format) to see his progress. He’s already well into Mexico (and Canada), and is quickly approaching the northeast US.

Lemmy the hedgehog is now over 1500 miles into his virtual journey, which began in Colorado, USA in September 2020.

3 thoughts on “Lemmy Reaches 1500 Miles!

  1. Congratulations on the milestone! Can’t wait to get my Hedgie Run up and running with our new hedgehog that we’ll be adopting this fall. I’m busy setting up a vivarium for them now!

  2. Hey I’ve been following the hedgie running club for a while now and now I have my Hamish home he was on that wheel all night (I fell asleep it’s so quiet but woke up and looked and he was still running) so would love to join I just need to know how to buy one of the things you made if you can please help me sign Hamish up and I’ll pay for one of the running wheel calculator’s thanks again
    Lacy Marie n Hamish

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