Hedgehog Keeps Up His Incredible Journey

Lemmy crossed 1000 miles at approximately 10:40pm local time, March 3rd, 2021

Last night, at approximately 10:40pm US Mountain time, Lemmy the hedgehog crossed 1000 cumulative miles on his wheel! He started his “trek” on Sept. 6th, 2020, when we first got his Wheel Counter installed. Since then, Lemmy continues to average over 5 miles on his wheel each night! Congratulations, little hedgie, you deserve all the mealworms!

As of March 4th, 2021, Lemmy the hedgehog is up to a cumulative total of 1005.33 miles, putting him pretty far from home in Colorado! Be sure to follow Lemmy on Instagram.

Do you want to join Lemmy in the Hedgehog Running Club? Sign up here! Wheel counters are available here.

Where’s Lemmy?

Download this Google Earth file to see if he’s in your area!

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