Results from January 29th

We had a great turnout this week, with 48 hedgies participating in Hedgehog Running Club! It was notable week; we had five hedgies post runs of over 10 miles! Congrats to all our running frens for turning out for Running Club, and we are sending healing vibes to Miss Prickles, who is doing well after surgery late last week.

Hedgehog Running Club Results for January 29th, 2022

Jan 29th Statistics

  • 48 Hedgies
  • 161.81 aggregate miles | 260.4 km
  • Average run: 3.37 miles | 5.42 km
  • Top runner: Sherbert (@sherbthehog) 14.26 miles

2 thoughts on “Hedgehog Running Club: Jan 29, 2022

  1. Are the totals for one day or for the over all week? I just want to make sure we are submitting the right total! this is so fun!! Good Job to all the hoggies!!

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